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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Miniature felted pumpkins

Sharing my latest little felting project. These are for a Christmas gift exchange next Saturday in Kelowna! Their miniature club has invited my club to join them for a Christmas Brunch. Should be fun!  Lots of pricks to the fingers making these but very happy with results. Need to shave of some loose fibres still, I see from the photo😊

Friday, July 8, 2016

needle felting

Tried my hand at a little teddy bear to give to my niece with the min American Girl doll I bought her.  Fun and made me laugh with how odd it turned out but gave it anyways as it had the look of a well loved teddy bear.  Going to try more maybe a sock monkey ?  Photo is  blurry sorry @

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Miniature project

This is the display that I showed at the miniature show in Peachland yesterday.  My club's challenge this year was to use a gift that our club member Marni had made for us over the years.  Marni past away last year and we all miss her so very much. Marni made me this lovely "wicker"bed  which  I aged with paint and a Decoart product called Metallic Lustre which is a wonderful paste that applied very easily.  I then filled the bed with my collection of pumpkins and squash. I am very happy with my results.   This will eventually evolve into a room box of a farmers market   
 Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

felting update

Time flies when you are too hot to post!! What a summer it has been here.  Hot and dry and now smokey again from the numerous fires around us.  Stay safe everyone.

 I have posted a very blurry photo today of the green felt little vessels I made with the last piece of felting I made. And also today are more photos of felting that I did a couple or more weeks ago .  One vessel and one bracelet.  The wool when wet is much darker than when it is dry isn't it?  All of these vessels are gifted now and to be used with a tea light , the battery type.  I like that idea for myself and it works nicely flickering through the wool.

 Thought I would share and hope you are doing fine this summer?  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 5, 2015

felting Friday

Well I typed out  and downloaded photos only to have them disappear !!  Trying again.

Spend a couple of hours this morning wet felting.  A friend gave me the dearest little painters tray so I used it , layer of bubble wrap, two layers of wool roving, some "fluffed" linen wool pieces, and a silk hankie. Wet it down with my water and soap, another layer of bubble wrap , my trusty new toy the potato masher.  Fun and fast way to go with a small project .  After about 15 minutes of mashing I rolled it up in the bubble wrap and took it to my boot tray (love this little guy too) and rolled it for another 20 minutes, then fulled it in the sink for a few minutes.  I am so happy with the results.  I am going to use this piece to make a couple of little tea light holders (the little plastic ones) although you could make it to fit a glass votive holder and use real tea lights too. This piece of felt will be thin enough for the light to flicker through it.  I will post a photo or two when I get them done.

Thanks for stopping by!  J

Friday, May 1, 2015

April's Quilt swap


This is my 4x4 quilt swap that I sent to Joanne.  I am not sure that I like it myself but she seemed to so that is what is important right?  She sent me two beauties in return.  Thanks Joanne.
May 1 how can that be?  Happy May everyone!  J

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Miniature show and sale

live fairy garden work in progress

club challenge was grapes on the vine, this one fits into a shadow box

Yesterday in Peachland there was a miniature show and sale that my club  and I always support.  Not a very big show as far as dealers but the Kelowna club  and Kamloops club too always have beautiful displays.  Unfortunate that my camera did not work well with the lighting there so can only show off my display items .  I did have fun with all of the mini friends that I was able to see again too .  Always fun to be with people who have the same hobby isn't it?  I managed to spend my allowance and more on some new toys and will maybe try to get a photo or two of them one day soon.