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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I have made some little felted trees this year as gifts and hope to make some for myself in the new year. They are needle felted on to cheese cloth and I have used a touch light inside of them to illuminate them. I am pleased with the outcome of them . I had thought of adding beads but the people who will be receiving these two are very talented artist themselves so they can decorate them as they would like. No more felting now till after Christmas. Must clean the house for Santa.
Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 days of Christmas

Day Three is My Day! This is a tradition for me the last few years to swap with online friends from the Byhand Artists group . This year I felted rope necklaces all fall and now today my friends are opening their gifts. I crocheted a rope and then needle felted them rather that using the wet felt method. I am pleased with them and need to finish my own. I did another one for a friend and made some of it very thick and she "loves it" and has already adorned it with some worry dolls. I hope that those who got theirs today will share with me how they embellished them.
Seasons Greetings

Friday, December 2, 2011

Miniature tile projects

Wow December 2nd already!! I have been busy with the making of several gifts again the past month. Today I gave away a couple gifts away so I can post my projects. The table is one of the Dollar store tables that I will be using for my Day of the Dead display. I may do some more grouting on it yet. I am very pleased with the tiled mirror and picture that I made for a friend's dollhouse that she just started to work on. It is to be spanish/southwest themed Bed and Breakfast house. She was very happy with them both! Now I need to make one of the mirrors for myself.
My felting for Christmas gifts is almost done too so will post some photos after Christmas of them. I need to get started on Christmas cards too. Always something happening in my crafting life. I do not have too many days of boredom.
Happy December and I will check in soon .

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lest We Forget

I did this page in an ATC swap a couple of years ago. Daphne made the ATC which does not photograph well but the embellishment on the tile is maple leaf . Heck the photo is terrible I will try another one in better light and less blurry soon. The theme I used was Lest we forget for my page using rubber stamps , figures from the newspaper. punched leaves and distressed inks. I should have written on the back how I made it so shiny. Looks great in person though. I really need to work more in this format. 4"x4" page and I do have lots of ATCs to work with from swaps over the years . Maybe a 2012 project? Maybe.
new photo but not much better than the first one. Maybe Santa will bring me a new camera??Thanks for looking

Saturday, November 5, 2011


My miniature club made their lettuce salads on Thursday and I finished mine. Every salad looked different but I think they all enjoyed making them . I am going to make a couple more of them myself. Remember they are made from green grocery bags so it is interesting to see what you can make out of them One of the group did not stretch the plastic much and it looked great. If you need to know more let me know and I will send you off some instructions. This is not an original thought of mine but a collective of things I have read in magazines and online.
I am very happy with my results though.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I have been busy working on my Felting the past month when I have a spare moment so have neglected my blog . So much for once a month posting eh? Anyways I have been working on some Day of the Dead sugared skulls in mini and this week I am in charge of the mini project for my club and here is my little lettuce salad prototype for my class. I will of course be adding to it to make it better but it is a start for them to see what they are making. The lettuce is made out of green grocery bags that are stretched and cut and glued into the bowl. And the table is from a dollar store which I will tile one of these days and use in my DOD project for more food and other Mexican things I have been collecting over the years . I will keep you all posted on that.
Thanks for looking and happy Autumn

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Post

I have been trying to post once a month on my blog so here is a photo of what I have been up to this month. I am experimenting with needle felting and wet felting too. I am going to use the flowers to make a table runner. I think it will look cute on my table top and maybe help me keep the junk off the dining room table too (I wish). The other is an attempt at a necklace! Not sure where it is going to go to but I am needle felting it to a crocheted rope and then will wet felt it at the end to make it more firm. This is the plan and I HOPE it turns out . Thinking it will need some beading or something more to make it perfect. Stay tuned for the results! What are you up to????
Off to enjoy a lovely summer day!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Miniature Hat challenge

On one of my yahoo groups there is a challenge to make a hat in any scale. Since I am making a southwest (sorta) theme display I thought I would try my hand at a felt sombrero. I will try another one soon as I made some big mistakes on this one, but ........ Thought you may like to see the photos anyway. I do like this one and may add some more beads to the brim yet.
Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mini show challenge

Ruell and Sandie


Last fall I challenged my miniature club to making up Poinsettia kits that I had bought from Peaches (Monica). The challenge was to have them ready for the Kelowna clubs show and sale the end of April. Enjoy and I will try to get names on them too. Sometimes I have trouble with blog and pictures getting to the spot I want. My display is far from being finished but I displayed it anyways. You can see I have been busy making cacti too. I really like the way my poinsettia bush turned out. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter,

I cannot believe how fast the month has flown by! Time to post again.

I have been working on Minis this month. There is a miniature show and sale next weekend in Westbank and my club always has a table to display our artwork. I am working on a south west scene and have finished some of the cacti and my poinsettia bush that will be in the display, so these are the photos that I am showing you today. Hopefully I will get the windows in the "house" (going to be a wine shop eventually)and get a photo of that at the show for next month.

The first photo is my collection of cacti that I have made or collected over the years. There are four which were tops off some little knives. Some I have made out of paper clay.

The second photo is the poinsettia which is finished and at home in it's tiled planter. Very happy with it but the photo does not do it justice . Amazing how a box from bar of soap can become a planter.

Some of the cacti in the oval planter are from a workshop that my friend Rosemary had for a couple of us last year. Thanks for the inspiration Rosemary and Cate for the mini tiles too. I am very happy with the results even though I need to add some different shades of green to make it perfect and the odd flower on a couple of them maybe. Are we ever done with a display? ; )

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miniature poinsettia bush

March is almost over so time for me to post again.
I have been busy this month working on a miniature poinsettia bush. I bought several kits from Monica (Peaches) and challenged my little mini club I belong to to make up a poinsettia plant and display it in the Kelowna club's show and sale in April.
Anyways I had five kits left and I remember seeing a poinsettia bush in my travels and thought that is what I will make for my southwest style dollhouse I am working (?) on. The bush will be about five inches tall and three inches across . As you can see in the picture I still have some more leaves to add and I think about five more "stems" to add to the bush yet. I then have the tiles (in the second photo) to add to the planter and I think I will add some cacti to the planter as well.
Now back to Monica's flower kits she has some very lovely ones and you can find them here at Danielle's site here.

They go together very well and my only advice from this project is to take your time and not try to glue alot of petals at one time. Other than that great kit and I will be buying more in the future.

Thanks for visiting my little blog and check out some of my favourite blogs on the side to see where I go to visit for inspiration in my hobbies.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Queen of Hearts challenge

Here is my post for the Quietfire Challenges with the theme of Queen of Hearts. This is a transfer to a piece of muslin . The transfer was done with a photo copy and Matte Medium then used water to remove the paper off the fabric leaving the ink on the muslin. I then used a couple more layers of the matte medium before embellishing. I have used beads and Pearl Ex on it and think I would like to add some embroidery in the future to add more detail to the dress. I did the felted heart awhile ago but thought it would work OK with the theme. Thanks for looking be sure to leave a comment with your blog site so I can go an see your art as well. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter , swaps and challenges

I missed posting in January so will try to post a couple of times this month to catch up. We had a snowy day today ( 1st photo) . We never get very much at all here but think it must be 6 or 7 inches. Looks pretty out the window, hope they plow tonight!
I spent the day working on some envelopes for a swap that is due the end of Feb. It was nice to just spend the day playing with my papers and stamps and actually got a lot done. Always relaxing when it is going well. I have a teaser photo of them (15 of them) above to show you. I have some little items to put in the envelope before I send them to Joanne our hostess of the swap. Joanne is going to bind the envelopes for us into a lovely little book . That will be something worth waiting for I am sure.
I need to make some Rolodex cards this week for a small swap also due in a couple of weeks. Staying out of trouble at least eh? ; ) The theme for that is Ampersand and mine will be Black And Blue. Only six to make of these though and I have a plan!
Suzanne has a challenge for us again this year too with the Queen of Hearts Blog Hop. Check her blog for all of the details. I have her blog listed on my site. We did this last year and it was fun to see what everyone was up to. So please join me on Feb 14 with your entry. Suzanne says she will have prizes??? Remember to leave a comment on the blogs you visit as we love comments don't we bloggers?
So lots of projects and working on my mini roombox off and on but looks like it may be March before I can spend a day on it again. Starting to look like a South West Adobe after all. Will post picture of it next post. Winter continues it looks like though we thought it was gone, stay warm and drive safe on the icy roads. A little to chatty a post I know but thanks for popping in to visit!!