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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miniature poinsettia bush

March is almost over so time for me to post again.
I have been busy this month working on a miniature poinsettia bush. I bought several kits from Monica (Peaches) and challenged my little mini club I belong to to make up a poinsettia plant and display it in the Kelowna club's show and sale in April.
Anyways I had five kits left and I remember seeing a poinsettia bush in my travels and thought that is what I will make for my southwest style dollhouse I am working (?) on. The bush will be about five inches tall and three inches across . As you can see in the picture I still have some more leaves to add and I think about five more "stems" to add to the bush yet. I then have the tiles (in the second photo) to add to the planter and I think I will add some cacti to the planter as well.
Now back to Monica's flower kits she has some very lovely ones and you can find them here at Danielle's site here.

They go together very well and my only advice from this project is to take your time and not try to glue alot of petals at one time. Other than that great kit and I will be buying more in the future.

Thanks for visiting my little blog and check out some of my favourite blogs on the side to see where I go to visit for inspiration in my hobbies.