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Friday, February 12, 2010

Minis 2

Here are a couple more photos of minis that I have made in the past few months. My mini club has been trying out some green projects and recycling . The Tea pots are made out of lids from dish soap and toothpaste lids and buttons (and I forgot to put the penny in the photo). The bird feeder is aquarium tubing and an ear ring back and grommets with ground pepper as the bird seed. We do have the most interesting meeting!!. We are working on cakes now made from bottle tops. I will post those photos when I get mine done.
Opening ceremonies were good but sheesh CTV try to get your feeds better!!!!! Watching NBC now and really the quality is so much better!! Not nearly as many glitches!!


  1. Love the tea pots Judy, great recycling.

  2. Judy your minis are wonderful and the creativeness with the dish soap and toothpaste lids is great. Have you used the Print Minis site for resources. If you would like a link let me know.

  3. This stuff is amazing! You must have a lot of patience to work on such a small scale and get this kind of detail.

  4. clever idea! I can't wait to see your Alice in Wonderland cakes and teapots! (re: Fatal Foodies blog link)