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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter,

I cannot believe how fast the month has flown by! Time to post again.

I have been working on Minis this month. There is a miniature show and sale next weekend in Westbank and my club always has a table to display our artwork. I am working on a south west scene and have finished some of the cacti and my poinsettia bush that will be in the display, so these are the photos that I am showing you today. Hopefully I will get the windows in the "house" (going to be a wine shop eventually)and get a photo of that at the show for next month.

The first photo is my collection of cacti that I have made or collected over the years. There are four which were tops off some little knives. Some I have made out of paper clay.

The second photo is the poinsettia which is finished and at home in it's tiled planter. Very happy with it but the photo does not do it justice . Amazing how a box from bar of soap can become a planter.

Some of the cacti in the oval planter are from a workshop that my friend Rosemary had for a couple of us last year. Thanks for the inspiration Rosemary and Cate for the mini tiles too. I am very happy with the results even though I need to add some different shades of green to make it perfect and the odd flower on a couple of them maybe. Are we ever done with a display? ; )

Thanks for looking!



  1. Judy just a quick post to tell you your minis are terrific. Love the cactus gardens they are so realistic. You must have an extra dose of patience to do these.

  2. beautiful. They look so real. all the best with your show.