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Friday, April 27, 2012

fiber art group challenge: felt

There is a very new fiber art group started in the city up the highway from me and they meet on Saturdays!!!! Yeah for this working girl. Our mentor challenged us to make a doll .  All of us to use the same pattern but size of it was our choice.  I am in love with needle felting right now so I knew that the doll would be made of felt for sure but what I would do from there, not a clue.  I finally decided to make a mold of this wonderful doll's face I have been saving for just such  a project.  Then I poured the mold at the office (I am a dental assistant for those who do not know).  Then I used alcohol inks to colour her lovely face and then a spritz of Perfect Pearl Mist in the green patina colour. She is petite too as she is only 8 inches tall.  I so love her and yes I created a Goddess.  I am always amazed how a project can take on it's own life and where I thought I would bead her and embellish her, she put a halt to it for me.  I love her just the ways she is.  And what will I do with her you ask....... I think she will end up on a canvas and be hung in my living room with love. Oh and she matches my couch, Bonus ; )
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  1. She's gorgeous! Now I am inspired to get mine done for the fall. Have a great summer! Brandy Lynn

  2. Hey Judy, long time no chat!
    I love your little art dollie. Did you end up putting any embellishments on her?

  3. No Daphne she is still naked ; ). Thanks for your comment it is so good to hear from you!! I love your blog but need to comment more when I visit I know. Have a great summer, judy

  4. This doll is really neat. You are so inspiring.
    Linda T.