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Monday, April 1, 2013

What did I do all winter? I needle felted!


Wow  not so good at blogging these days am I?  I have been busy though, not with house work but with needle felting.

     The first photo is of a trivet I have been making.  I used a cookie cutter to add the white chicken and tried to hard felt it enough with the needle to be able to  rubber stamp on it.  I used StazOn ink and now I will see how long it will last .  I am pleased with the result but may in the future felt it more ?  Not sure.  I was also going to use some beads but decided the rubber stamping is enough. I will most definitely use the rubber stamping on the felt in the future, in fact I am plotting the next project as I write.

    The second photo is to be a tree trunk for my miniature display at the show the end of April in west Kelowna.  My mini club was challenged to use a "tree" in a room box display this year. What I said?  So I thought about what I wanted a long time and this needle felted tree trunk is going to be the back of my Scene, which will be a fairy theme scene for now.  I found the perfect fat quarter of fabric at the local quilt store that looked like bark.  I put a piece of pre felt behind it and proceeded to needle felt where ever I wanted to and I was so pleased with the results.  I was worried that the cotton fabric would not hold up but it did.  Now to embellish it with more moss and  roots and spider web or too and it will be able to be added to the room box and I can work on the rest of the scene.  I work in one inch scale generally but this will be a mixed scale room box as the little fairy that I have is very very tiny and the bed that I have is one inch but this tree trunk will be full scale.  I will post a photo when I get it close to finished.  Only 27 days left to finish it off!!  Yikes!!

So my winter was full of experiments and happily they worked.  Trying hard to step out of my comfort zone and try new techniques.  Thanks for visiting and leave a comment so I know you stopped by.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product! You are so enjoying the needle-felting...such therapy, as well as a feeling of accomplishment. TFS

  2. Judy, that tree trunk is incredible - so realistic. How I wish I could be in Kelowna for the show this year and see the final product in person but it's just not going to happen.
    Hugs, Maureen

  3. Judy, these are wonderful projects and I so love the tree bark background! I hope you post the finished scene for us.

  4. I end up bleeding with needlefelting Judy but this tree trunk is such a colour it wouldn't matter would it? hee hee...beautiful work....