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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Post felting

this is supposed to be GREEN needle felted 4 inch square quiltie do not know why it looks grey

Happy Easter or Passover

What a beautiful weekend it is here.  Very warm and sunny .  We have had the best winter and now spring that I ever remember.  

The first photo is my march quiltie for the swap I am playing in lately.  It is very late leaving my house but I am liking it so hope my swap partner does too.  I had trouble getting a good photo so hope that she will take a better one when she gets it in the mail.

Last month I went to a nuno felting class at our local quilt shop, we made scarves out of cheese cloth and wool and it was very interesting and fun.  messy but so worth it in the end.  Mine is the green one in the second photo.

I am taking another felting class this week and so excited about that.  I will post photos of that class project when I am finished.  It is a purse with lots of new techniques .

Thanks for stopping by!  J

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