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Sunday, March 14, 2010

nuno felting

This morning while waiting for the laundry to do it's thing, I decided to TRY some Nuno Felting. Now this is very new to me and I have tried Needle felting (love that). Gathered up the supplies and made some soapy water and here we go
Layer one : bath towel,
two: bubble wrap
three: roving
four: fine cheese cloth
five: more roving,
six: layer of some thin organza material.

Sprinkle the organza with soapy water till wet then rub the soapy water into the organza for several minutes to start the felting. when you think you have done enough, remove the organza fabric and cover this now with good old plastic wrap.

Since I do not own a rolling pin I used a fancy vinegar bottle and rolled the bubble wrap on to the bottle and tied it on to the bottle and rolled it on the bath towel. Now some instructions say 150 rolls but hey ...... who really counts that, I mean really!!!!! So I did it for 5 or 6 minutes (hoping the whole time that it will make my arms more shapely) the opened it up and wrapped it on the bottle from the other end and tied it and rolled it once again.

THEN take it off the bottle and because this is a very small item I spent another few minutes rolling it in my hands and squishing and playing with it till I liked the look of the felting. Then just did some rinsing in H2O (not really sure if I was supposed to do that) and then blocked it .

Now for this little piece it took maybe an hour tops, including looking at instructions online and having no idea what to really do for a couple of supplies needed. But I am really happy with my little piece of felting and I can see beading and embellishing and maybe even a frame???

For more information try this link :

I found this spot very good but there are more spots to see out there and numerous books at the library in my little town too.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Judy, it turned out wonderfully!! It would be nice if all the art we did gave us an end result such as shapely arms but we can't have everything, right?? LOL
    It's beautiful!

  2. looks really nice. Colors are pretty too. Love the lacy look to it. Yup, lots of potential for adding things.

  3. Pretty cool! Love the colors. What will you do with it next?

  4. Very lovely Judy. I've been reading some of the information on-line, but still don't have all the supplies. Looks interesting, but messy.

  5. This looks wonderful Judy and even if it doesn't develope shapely arms it makes laundry time pass quicker. LOL

  6. Very very nice, Judy. Such patience you have...gorgeous colours.

  7. fun! I love wet and dry felting

  8. Wow that looks like a lot of fun and turned out beautifully
    hugs June xxx