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Sunday, April 18, 2010

April art projects and minis

It has been a long time since I sat down and loaded some photos. I am not sure where the time goes sometimes! Anyways I took a stained glass class, and tried to make some Christmas ornaments from Microscope slides. They are not perfect but I did learn a little bit about foiling and soldering and the likes.
And the second photo is some of the cakes I have made using bottle caps and fake snow and paper cuts outs. They are in 1"=1foot scale . They will be on the group display at the Mini Show and Sale in Wesbank on the 24 of April.

And then there is a Nuno Felting project that I am working on with some beading and embroidery embellishments. I also did alittle bit of needle felting on this piece as it was just not quite what I was shooting for. When I finish it I will post another photo

Anyways as you can see I have been busy and staying out of mischief ( I think I need some mischief).
Thanks for looking!


  1. Judy the microscope slides look lovely, the cakes look sweet and I look forward to seeing the finished felting projects.

  2. Judy, I love all your new stuff, esp the nuno felting, just love the colours you've used for it. Beautiful!!!!

  3. Judy you have been a very busy lady. This stuff is all just gorgeous. Can't imagine trying to do cake decorating on the 1 inch scale (real size is hard enough). I love the colours in your nuno felting piece and the cheese cloth around the edges makes it look lacy. Great work girlfriend

  4. Judy, this stuff is fab! Makes me want to get out my soldering set. As always I am amazed by the minitaures and intrigued by the felting.

  5. Hi Judy

    You did a great job on the ornaments -- I love them!