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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter , swaps and challenges

I missed posting in January so will try to post a couple of times this month to catch up. We had a snowy day today ( 1st photo) . We never get very much at all here but think it must be 6 or 7 inches. Looks pretty out the window, hope they plow tonight!
I spent the day working on some envelopes for a swap that is due the end of Feb. It was nice to just spend the day playing with my papers and stamps and actually got a lot done. Always relaxing when it is going well. I have a teaser photo of them (15 of them) above to show you. I have some little items to put in the envelope before I send them to Joanne our hostess of the swap. Joanne is going to bind the envelopes for us into a lovely little book . That will be something worth waiting for I am sure.
I need to make some Rolodex cards this week for a small swap also due in a couple of weeks. Staying out of trouble at least eh? ; ) The theme for that is Ampersand and mine will be Black And Blue. Only six to make of these though and I have a plan!
Suzanne has a challenge for us again this year too with the Queen of Hearts Blog Hop. Check her blog for all of the details. I have her blog listed on my site. We did this last year and it was fun to see what everyone was up to. So please join me on Feb 14 with your entry. Suzanne says she will have prizes??? Remember to leave a comment on the blogs you visit as we love comments don't we bloggers?
So lots of projects and working on my mini roombox off and on but looks like it may be March before I can spend a day on it again. Starting to look like a South West Adobe after all. Will post picture of it next post. Winter continues it looks like though we thought it was gone, stay warm and drive safe on the icy roads. A little to chatty a post I know but thanks for popping in to visit!!

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