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Monday, May 28, 2012


felted bracelets to embellish
outside my window last week!!!

Wow did May fly by or what???  It has been a lovely month with all of the spring blossoms and green hills,  it is very beautiful here in the Valley. 

 I have not worked on any miniatures this month. I needed a break after all of the work I did on the day of the dead scene.  It is now packed away and will come out late October again. 

 I have been doing some needle felting though!  I am working on a piece right now and have made these bracelets over the winter too.  They need to be decorated with something yet , thinking beads maybe or embroidery.  Anyways always have something to pick up and work on at least.  I have been down to the park at Skaha lake a few times this month and take my felting project with me to do while I try to get some sun on the old arms and legs.  

    See you next month.



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