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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Miniature Lavender plant

I finally got a photo of the lavender plant I have made.  It is in 1"=1' scale.  I should have put a penny in the photo I know.  I am pleased with it and although this one is a gift I will make more for sure.  The problem was finding the Lycopodium.  Thanks to Maureen who sent me some from her stash.  I also got a bit from Ruell.  I took the cloth covering off of some floral wire and used Alcohol ink to dye the wire.  I then dipped the end of the wire in white glue and dipped it into a mixture of flocking and real life lavender that I ground in a pepper mill.  Thank you everyone for your help.



  1. Wow real life lavendar? Does it smell nice also?

  2. They are truly lovely ! !
    Elly (Amsterdam)

  3. Very nice job on the lavendar!
    Hugs, Maureen