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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Felted Napkin Rings

I have been busy the last month needle felting away.  Here are the gifts I have made for my friends at work this year .  Needle felted napkin rings.  I hope they like them as I do.  Thought I would share the photos with you.  I am also felting some soap too and will share those photos when I am finished with them all.  I am trying to learn to take photos of my gifts to people before I give them away.  Lots of time  spent on them and I may want to do them again for myself.
   All most Christmas !!


  1. Oh, my! You've been so busy! Just look at these! Wonderful!

  2. I LOVE these, Judy...what lovely gifts. You are doing a splendid job with your felting...

  3. I love your napkin rings Jude, what a great gift idea. I however, really love my tea pot cozy, did you get a picture of it or would you like one.
    hope your Christmas is as special as you are.
    Ann McWhinnie

    1. Ann I would love a picture of it when you have time! Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas you too my friend!